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Annual Day || Kaleidoscope of Emotions ||

Colour is a powerful and important communication tool. Each colour is said to represent and is linked with the real world, colours influence emotions and also play a significant role in the aesthetic development of a child.

Understanding this, the Trinity Tinkers staged Kaleidoscope of emotions ..the theme for the Annual function.

The colour red is associated with love and so this vibrant colour was a symbolic tribute to the parents.

Yellow,the brightest colour of the visible spectrum is attributed to happiness and optimism, We at Trinity international school always beleive in educating our children to be positive and optimistic in every walk of life. This colour symbolises the highly energetic and enthusiastic Trinity Tinkers.

Blue stands for trust and loyalty, a value our students are always entrusted with.

Our children at Trinity Tinkers grow in the lap of nature. The lush greenery around them keeps them fresh and always in a positive mindset.

The serene and peaceful environment helps in the holistic development.Looking at the world around us, we achore the colour black to symbolise women empowerment.The women today need to be assertive and fearless. Colours hold power and energy.Diversity in colour reflects on the physical,mental and aesthetic sense of an individual.To grace the occassion, was an eminent personality – Sherlyn Pimanta from Katthanika!