Secondary(Subject Rooms)

The school is following the CBSE curriculum with International standards. It is true that a child must learn, and how does it plays a key the development and retention of knowledge. The Curriculum is progressive, forward thinking and a child-centered one using an integrated and interactive approach. Teaching methodology is based on 21st century needs of students with technology playing an integral part in the process of learning.

Subject Rooms

Math Room

Math room is well-equipped with the required facilities and mathematical kits. The experiential learning method with an arithmetical ambience enables and motivates the students to develop a clear and strong concept of the subject.

Science Room

The students are provided with a well-equipped Science Room where classes are designed to complement materials that have been presented in theory lessons. Students spend considerable part of their time doing a wide range of experiments. Here the learning is very ‘hands on’ and classes are designed to allow students to develop a wide range of techniques and personal skills.

Social Science Room

It is enriched with the information of world history ,Political science , global Economics displayed the walls and boards, furnished with Geography models and space to display their research work.

English Science Room

Having Pictorial display boards, interesting charts with grammatical contents to jog students’ memories, as well as being vibrant with students’ creative works, English room presents students a pleasant personalized touch in language learning. This language room with all teaching aids helps the learner in facilitating their productive (speaking and writing) and receptive (reading and listening) skills without any interruption.

Hindi Room

This room plays the role of a perfect language guide for the students. There are different sections on display boards presenting the creative writing, morphology and remarkable works of Hindi literature. These pictorial and informative write ups help in the development of ideas ,concepts and facts that facilitate their language in the long run. The, digital facility develops the visual learning and listening skills within the learners.


• Project based learning: Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge.

• Collaborative learning: In a collaborative learning setting, learners have the opportunity to converse with peers, present and defend ideas, exchange diverse beliefs, question other conceptual frameworks, and be actively engaged.

• Differential Learning: Each child learns differently. Students are analyzed on the basis of learning style and levels of understanding and lessons and activities are planned accordingly.

• Integrated learning: Learning is integrated and holistic making Real life connections for students to comprehend and relate to their own lives.

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