Senior Secondary

Senior Secondary (CAREER READY)

The curriculum is planned keeping in mind the syllabus of graduation level to give our students an edge and help students to prepare for next phase of education beyond school. Extensions to the curriculum in grade 11 and 12 are provided to facilitate students to prepare for competitive examinations. The wide range of curricular options provides students with very good choices and opportunities to benefit from learning experiences that encourage their talents, interests and aspirations.


We offer the following subject combinations under three STREAMS


English, Mathematics/Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practice/Physical Education/Psychology.


English, Business Studies/Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics/Informatics Practice/Physical Education/Psychology.


English, Sociology, Political science, Economics, Mathematics/Informatics Practice/Physical Education/Psychology.

Career Counselling and Summer Internship Programme

We help our students in identifying their academic goals and aspirations and ensure that it’s in line with their larger purpose in life.


We handhold students right from subject selection, to launching themselves in undergraduate colleges as mature adults, caring and serving not only themselves and their families but also the entire world.


To help students make the right choice, career counselling in charge collaborates with various universities and organisations and offers CAREER GUIDANCE to students. We invite many universities on campus and help students make the right choice, at the same time to give real-life experience and boost student portfolio we help them get SUMMER INTERNSHIPS in many respected organisations.