Primary curriculum is progressive, forward thinking, and child-centered, using the integrated, interactive approach. Topics and themes are carefully planned to cross artificial subject barriers. This enables the student to have a far more realistic view of the world in which he/she lives and needs to function successfully. Much of the teaching is based on the assumption that understanding is a fundamental requirement for any learning to take place. Therefore, much of the work is based on hands-on experience and research-skills, where the role of the teacher becomes that of a facilitator. Here, the students take an active part in their own learning. They are encouraged to use their own initiative and develop into independent learners with a strong desire to think critically.

Elements of a THINK ROOM

• Studio: Every Studio is a child’s own reflection, as unique as the child

• Walls that speak: The walls in a THINK ROOM speak to the child

• Authentic assessment: Each child has own pace and style of learning. Multiple assessments are used to ensure each child attains minimum level of learning of each concept.

• THINK ROOM Kit: Think Room kit contains powerful tools that assist the teacher to foster the social, emotional, cognitive and metacognitive domains as well as bring in better student engagement.

Brain Button , Box of gratitude, Voice meter, Cooperative learning board, Mood meter


•Learning by doing

• Value Based Teaching

• Field Trips .

• Library Programme based Learning.

• Role Play and Dramatization

• Project Presentation

• Problem Solving activities.

• Vocabulary building and language development sessions

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