CBSE Information

CBSE Information


Central Board Secondary Education is regulated by the Indian Central Government. CBSE demands for schools to follow NCERT curricula. The New Education Policy 2020 by the central government has further more enhanced CBSE curriculum to achieve quality benchmarks consistent with the national goals and replete with innovative methods to achieve academic excellence in conformity with psychological, pedagogical and social principles. More than 27000 schools nationally and 220 schools in 28 international countries follow the curriculum.
TIS offers CBSE curriculum until grade 12.

Trinity Tinkers

The foundation of a child’s personality and two thirds of his intellect is formed between the ages of two and five. They learn many things through observation. Bearing this in mind the school caters to the needs and demands of EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING. & creates proper atmosphere for them to observe and learn things. Children learn EDUCATIONAL and SOCIAL SKILLS and develop VERBAL ABILITY along with values. They imbibe the skills and experience the JOY OF MAKING and creating things with their own hands through ART AND CRAFT as well as INDEPENDENT PLAY, which is an integral part of curriculur.

Our Early Childhood Care and Education programme consists of multifaceted, flexible, play based, activity based and discovery based learning about alphabets, languages, numbers , counting, colours , shapes, indoor and outdoor play, problem solving drawing/painting and other visual art , craft, drama, puppetry , music and movement.

Trinity Tinkers find wings to their imagination in the story telling sessions and relates to the real world whenever they venture out on a fieldtrip. The aim of the proramme is to develop wholesome and happy personality.


The areas of learning are: