Trinity International School’s Non-Academic Activities During the Lockdown


The current COVID scenario took us all by surprise but we at T.I.S adapted and evolved quickly and ensured the academics of the children did not suffer in anyway. Having introduced E-Schooling, the next challenge was to keep them productively engaged while under self quarantine. These anxious and enthusiastic children were getting difficult to contain within the parameters of the house and this is where the school decided to step in and keep them occupied with non-academic activities like Art and Craft, Cooking, Dancing, Magic tricks, Life skills, Drama etc.

The school went a step further and introduced a virtual morning assembly where prayer, thought of the day, new words and news was shared across all grades in the school. Every national and international day that came along was also celebrated with great gusto and fevour. Videos of dance performances , Visuals of Earth Day and many such themes were used as inspiration.

Since all our Little Warriors and achievers cannot be uploaded on social media, we have segregated their pictures grade wise and sharing it here with you. You can click the link provided according to the grades of your child and also view the activities done by other children.#StayHome #StaySafe

Creative Monday: children are given different art and craft activities which includes paper quilling coasters, origami, doodling etc.


Tasty Tuesday: has the cooking challenges, children have made the very trending dalgona coffee and accepted the ‘Roll the Roti’ and my ‘sabji challenge’.


Wacky Wednesday: was celebrated by making wacky goggles which showed how creative they were as they had to make it with material available in the house.


Thanking Thursday: gave them an opportunity to thank their loved ones. This boosted their creative writing skills.


Fun Friday: they made a cozy corner for listening to the stories we had sent them. This helped them create thier own space in thier own way.


You can browse these activties ‘Grade Wise’ by clicking on the below links;

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