How The New Generation Can Lead To A Better Future


The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It’s one of the never-ending cycles in life– Masashi Kishimoto

As we are all aware the world has many problems that have yet to be resolved such as, staggering rates of global unemployment, the increasing wage gap between the rich and the poor, the vast amount of pollution causing climate change and so much more.

Yet these issues are sadly not getting the attention they deserve nor is there any major consensus as to how these issues will be taken care of in the near future. Due to this unfortunate state of limbo that both Gen Z (18-20 years of age) and Millennials (20-30 years of age) are stuck in, there is a growing feeling of apathy among these generations due to the myriad of seemingly insurmountable issues that are prevalent today.

But we shouldn’t fret as even though the issues are dire, it is part of human nature to explore and discover new innovations; and problem- solving is one of the things that Humanity excels at.

Before the situation gets even worse, the young must take responsibility and strive for a better future that isn’t plagued by the issues of the past. The leader that a person should strive to be must be open minded and dependable. A new path is open. One that involves every human being on Earth to desire a better and united future where short-sightedness and self- destructive tendencies are done away with.

Our vision should be that hope is renewed and peace and prosperity are abundant, that is what we should strive to achieve: To bring light to every house, peace to every street, and love to every heart.

A step towards the right path to achieve this vision could be establishment of more health facilities and an even greater emphasis on educational institutions in order to ensure that the next generation is armed and well equipped with the most potent weapon; Knowledge.

Education shouldn’t be something that is only available to some segments of society, it should be a universal right for every human being, but even with the current methods that try to make education more accessible we sadly still have many examples where the uneducated are prevalent, India is a prominent example of this, even though the cities have many educational institutes there are scarcely any decent facilities like those in the cities for citizens living in villages and the countryside.

Globally there are around 263 million children without any education whatsoever as per a 2016 UNESCO report.

The tomorrow we should make a reality should be one where 100% literacy is achieved, healthcare is available for all!

We should be concerned about the direction that the world will take in the future and as the next generation. We have the responsibility to shape that path in our vision. That is how the New Generation can and will lead to a better future.

Article by Mohammad Emaad Khan, Grade 11-B (TIS PUNE)

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