How Technology is integrated into The Teaching Curriculum?


We are glad to share with you that Trinity International School has been recognized as the Best School in Evaluation Process and Excellence in Online Classes Curriculum by The Times Of India’s Times School Survey 2020.

Technology in the 21st century has a hegemonic effect on the world. Technology plays a very important role in day to day life in the real world. It is important to know that the workplace has drastically changed since the invention of the computer. In the professional field, technology has taken over everything that may be a team project, presentations, customer approach, or employee review. Every department from marketing to engineering or any sector makes use of different options of technology to run their work and promote growth. Hence, if the students know to operate various technological devices to their core, their run in the professional world will be smoother.

Hence, our school provides the students with the best devices in the technological world that would make them more alert for the coming years. Our lab is networked and well equipped with the latest computer systems with a 1:1 ratio of user and machine. Enabled with a complete Wi-Fi campus; ICT Lab and digital resource center, we provide the facility to our students to explore the world through the internet. This not only enhances their cyber skills but also motivates them to create new things, stay updated with the latest trends in the cyber world. Also, there are Olympiads from different regions, nationally and internationally which helps them to grow.

Along with the IT infrastructure, each and every classroom is well equipped with the projector and its sheets as we know that the students understand better visually. With the aid of educational videos, PPT presentations, and smart screens, learning becomes a joy for every kid. Now, parents don’t need to pay a huge sum of tuition fees to private or group tutors as their children understand and learn well at school.

Education plays a very crucial role in life and it’s the best bet to give the students the best tools they require for learning and widening the knowledge at their own pace. This is the precise reason where online learning platforms are gaining very much importance. Tutorials and study materials that are easy to follow and learn with an option to get practical learning are the tailor-made factors required by a student for in-depth knowledge of the subjects taught in the class.

Technology has created a total transformation in the path of the teaching profession and this methodology is making students more creative and skillful. Teachers too are getting aware that with students requiring the latest technologies and new learning methods, hence are free in allowing modern technology into their classrooms. Unique learning methods make it smooth for students to know complex and vast concepts with ease. Technology-assisted learning methodologies also helps students in exercising what their teacher has already taught to them in the class.

Since modern kids are growing up in a digital world, technology must be integrated suitably into the teaching curriculum. However, teachers have a huge responsibility to prepare a kid completely with the learnings and skills they require to be doing well throughout life.

Thus, the teachers are well trained and certified at TRINITY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. They are well qualified and work hard to discover every child’s strengths and weaknesses. It is of utmost importance that learning experiences for students need to be practical and meaningful. To achieve this, the regular classroom activities are conducted to accumulate, showcase, and exchange the latest ideas.

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