4 Ways on How Parents Can Make Online-Learning More Effective

Online Learning

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As we have entered into a new era where social isolation has become the norm, making the switch to online learning can keep students engaged in academics even when brick-and-mortar schools are forced to close.

Beyond providing a solution to ensure students keep up with the curriculum, implementing e-learning can also provide important structure in studentsโ€™ days at home and maintain a sense of (at least some) normalcy. But, flourishing during e-learning daysโ€”especially when they need to be implemented for any kind of extended periodโ€”requires educators, students, and families to adapt to new routines. Parents and caregivers can offer some of the most valuable guidance students need to find the right online learning methods, remain accountable for their work, and get extra help when needed.

Here are four ways parents can do to help their child be successful while learning online:.

1. Build a Schedule- Traditional school days give students a lot of structure and this is hard to replicate during e-learning days. For some students, the flexibility of learning online is a natural fit. However, for other students, particularly young learners, managing this increased autonomy is a challenge. Students engaging in online learning need to build their routines and efficiently manage their time to stay on track. Having a well-thought-out, specific daily schedule is key, and parents can be a huge help not only in building such a plan but also in making sure that it is followed properly.


2. Model Hard Work and Persistenceย  Learning online from home removes many of the systems of responsibility that students are used to in the traditional classroomโ€”achieving the same level of success will likely take a greater level of essential motivation and self-directed effort. Just like time management skills, this motivation comes more naturally for some students than for others. Despite, acclimating to virtual learning platforms, getting accustomed to self-pacing, and working through the normal, productive struggles of learning more independently can be challenging. Parents can make a big difference simply by demonstrating the ubiquity and importance of these skills in the real world beyond school.

3. Stay in Touch with Teachers Just because children are learning online doesnโ€™t mean they are learning independently! Teachers still play a critical role during online learningโ€”and maintaining open, frequent communication is key to their success. Parents need to take part in this ongoing dialogue to make sure students stay on-pace and get the appropriate help when it’s needed.

4. Encourage Interaction with Peers It may be tempting to insist that your kids be offline during their breaks, but that is not necessarily the best rule. One of the things kids miss the most from their regular school day is the opportunity to interact socially with classmates. Since they are at home, let them do that by calling their friends and classmates and interact with them through social media. Give them a chance to join with peers during their breaks, like they would during lunch at school.

And most importantly stay in touch with teachers and other parents to work through it together. Donโ€™t be afraid to ask for help..