Trinity Tinkers

The foundation of a child’s personality and two thirds of his intellect is formed between the ages of two and five. They learn many things through observation. Bearing this in mind the school caters to the needs and demands of EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING. & creates proper atmosphere for them to observe and learn things. Children learn EDUCATIONAL and SOCIAL SKILLS and develop VERBAL ABILITY along with values. They imbibe the skills and experience the JOY OF MAKING and creating things with their own hands through ART AND CRAFT as well as INDEPENDENT PLAY, which is an integral part of curriculur.

Our Early Childhood Care and Education programme consists of multifaceted, flexible, play based, activity based and discovery based learning about alphabets, languages, numbers , counting, colours , shapes, indoor and outdoor play, problem solving drawing/painting and other visual art , craft, drama, puppetry , music and movement.

Trinity Tinkers find wings to their imagination in the story telling sessions and relates to the real world whenever they venture out on a fieldtrip. The aim of the proramme is to develop wholesome and happy personality.

The areas of learning are:

Primary (Think Rooms)

Primary curriculum is progressive, forward thinking, and child-centered, using the integrated, interactive approach. Topics and themes are carefully planned to cross artificial subject barriers. This enables the student to have a far more realistic view of the world in which he/she lives and needs to function successfully. Much of the teaching is based on the assumption that understanding is a fundamental requirement for any learning to take place. Therefore, much of the work is based on hands-on experience and research-skills, where the role of the teacher becomes that of a facilitator. Here, the students take an active part in their own learning. They are encouraged to use their own initiative and develop into independent learners with a strong desire to think critically.

Elements of a THINK ROOM


Subject Taught

Scholastic : English, Hindi, Maths, EVS, ICT

Co- Scholastic : GK, Arts & Craft, Performing Arts, Sports, Attitudes and values

Skills Developed

Secondary (Subject Rooms)

The school is following the CBSE curriculum with International standards. It is true that a child must learn, and how he or she does so, plays a key role in the development and retention of knowledge. The Curriculum is progressive, forward thinking, and a child-centered one using an integrated and interactive approach. Teaching methodology is based on 21st century needs of students with technology playing an integral part in the process of learning.

Subject Rooms

Math room

Math room is well-equipped with the required facilities and mathematical kits. The experiential learning method with an arithmetical ambience enables and motivates the students to develop a clear and strong concept of the subject.

Science Room

The students are provided with a well-equipped Science Room where classes are designed to complement materials that have been presented in theory lessons. Students spend considerable part of their time doing a wide range of experiments. Here the learning is very ‘hands on’ and classes are designed to allow students to develop a wide range of techniques and personal skills.

Social Science room

It is enriched with the information of world history ,Political science , global Economics displayed the walls and boards, furnished with Geography models and space to display their research work.

English room

Having Pictorial display boards, interesting charts with grammatical contents to jog students’ memories, as well as being vibrant with students’ creative works, English room presents students a pleasant personalized touch in language learning. This language room with all teaching aids helps the learner in facilitating their productive (speaking and writing) and receptive (reading and listening) skills without any interruption.

Hindi Room

This room plays the role of a perfect language guide for the students. There are different sections on display boards presenting the creative writing, morphology and remarkable works of Hindi literature. These pictorial and informative write ups help in the development of ideas, concepts and facts that facilitate their language in the long run. The digital facility develops the visual learning and listening skills within the learners.


Subject Taught

Skills Developed

Senior Secondary

The curriculum is planned keeping in mind the syllabus of graduation level to give our students an edge and help students to prepare for next phase of education beyond school. Extensions to the curriculum in grade 11 and 12 are provided to facilitate students to prepare for competitive examinations. The wide range of curricular options provides students with very good choices and opportunities to benefit from learning experiences that encourage their talents, interests and aspirations.


We offer the following subject combinations under three STREAMS


English , Mathematics/ Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics Practice/P.Education/ Psych.



English , Business Studies/ Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics/ Informatics Practice/ P.Education/ Psych.



English , Sociology, Political science, Economics, Mathematics/ Informatics Practice/ P.Education/ Psych.


Co- Scholastic

Work Experience ,Physical and Health Education, General Studies

Career Counselling and Summer Internship Programme

We help our students in identifying their academic goals and aspirations and ensure that it’s in line with their larger purpose in life.


We handhold students right from subject selection, to launching themselves in undergraduate colleges as mature adults, caring and serving not only themselves and their families but also the entire world.


To help students make the right choice, career counselling in charge collaborates with various universities and organisations and offers CAREER GUIDANCE to students. We invite many universities on campus and help students make the right choice, at the same time to give real-life experience and boost student portfolio we help them get SUMMER INTERNSHIPS in many respected organisations.

Skills Developed