Trinity International School, Pune

Director's Message

"Education is a process to awaken intelligence not merely intellect, to cultivate independence of mind & inculcate values"

Ms. Shakuntala Jaisinghani has a proven track record of more than 4 decades in the field of education as Teacher, Principal, Director, Consultant, Teacher trainer & Inspector of schools in India and Abroad. A Teacher for 22 years (with a wide range of teaching-Science, Math and English to primary, secondary and senior secondary classes) a Principal and an Administrator for 20 years having set up multi-scale educational entities, she has played a multi-faceted role in all fields of Education.

Currently she is the Director of Trinity International School and Junior College;

>She is also a Master Trainer for CBSE

>School inspector in UAE for Quality Assessment for the Dubai knowledge and Human development Authority

>Consultant for an IGCSE School in Tokyo

>Validation of English textbook Beanstalk for Grades 1- 8

>Trainer for core subjects of CIE check point

>Master trainer for TOT ‘Assessment Training Programme’ delivered by CAER (Centre for Assessment Evaluation & Research)

Her achievements include:

> International leadership Excellence Award by Macedemia, Dubai

> Nation Building Award by Rotary Club, Pune

> ISA (International School Award) leadership Award by the British Council

> Best Principal Award by Rajasthan Board of Education for excellent results in the Board exam

Ms. Shakuntala Jaisinghani - Director, TIS

Trinity International School, Pune