Trinity International School, Pune

Director's Message

"Education is a process to awaken intelligence not merely intellect, to cultivate independence of mind & inculcate values"

Mrs. Jaisinghani has a rich experience for more than three decades in varied fields of Education and has traveled extensively around the world for numerous workshops, seminars, conferences and trainings. She is also a school inspector in UAE for Quality Assessment for the Dubai knowledge and Human development Authority and an Educational consultant for an IGCSE School in (Tokyo) Japan. She was been a successful project leader in all areas of education such as academic enhancement of schools, teacher empowerment programme and whole school transformation.

An effective communicator with exceptional interpersonal skills and management ability, she has maintained a solid reputation as an energetic, creative & thoroughly knowledgeable leader of uncompromising integrity. Mrs. Jaisinghani is a trusted professional educator, natural team leader with a demonstrated talent for innovation in educational methods and management. Her aim is to establish a learning environment and to equip student with personal values & learning skills so that they continue to be lifelong learners. She feels that it is not enough for the students to develop foundation skills of literacy & numeracy but also to be open to new ideas, to be able to realize their own dreams, talents & personal visions for she believes that.

The future holds an exciting challenge for our students and the learning environment we establish will play a vital role to equip our students with the personal values and learning skills to ensure that they will continue to be lifelong learners. We believe that helping students realize this faith in their own ability will be the best guarantee for them to achieve future success. The image we share of a successful future learner is a student with a strong sense of values and personal identity; confident to take the risks necessary to continue learning in what will be challenging and unpredictable future.

We want our students to be equipped not only with the ‘foundation skills’ of literacy and numeracy but also with a range of future oriented attributes. Most importantly, we want our students to be open to new ideas-to be able to realize their own dreams, talents and personal visions as we believe that. CBSE School in Pune.

Mrs. Shakuntala Jaisinghani - Director, TIS

Trinity International School, Pune