1. Play Group  - 2 years
 2. Nursery  - 3 years
 3. Jr. K.G. - 4 years
 4. Sr. K.G. - 5 years

For this an attested copy of birth certificate is a must.

Educational background for admission   (PRIMARY - 1st To 6th std.)
The child must have passed the qualifying exam(previous class) for the class to which admission is sought from a recognized school affiliated to an all India board or a state board.

Admission Rules

1. All the children registered for class 2 upwards will be submitted to tests, which may consist of interviews and tests-written or oral, or both, as laid down by the school for different levels. For primary classes, the written tests will be in English, Hindi, Mathematics and General Awareness. 

The offer of admission will depend on:  
-The child's performance in the Test/Interview.  
-Availability of vacancies in the class concerned.  

2. Students offered admission must complete the following formalities within a week, or the offer will stand cancelled:

  • Submission of evidence of date of birth (Original Birth Certificate from Municipal)
  • Evidence of passing the last class, promotion to present class, along with the mark sheet and Transfer certificate from the previous school, which should be a recognized school, affiliated to an all-India or a state board of education.
  • A medical certificate from a recognized doctor showing the record of vaccination/immunization etc., as well as a mention of any particular ailment or health condition about which the school ought to know.
  • Full payment of fees and dues are payable by a new student at the time of admission, as per the schedule laid down by the school.